About... Coffee

Coffee is a living organism.

Something that only a fortunate few know, and most importantly understand, even though they are coffee “profecionals” is that coffee is a living organism. It stays “alive” from the tree all the way to the cup.  Only a living organism, just like a flower, can flourish and develop its scent depending on “hosting” conditions until it serves its life intention: to offer pleasure and satisfaction in a cup.

We at Coffee Dive, offer the perfect hosting environment for our coffee. Just because the coffee is offered to people that can really appreciate, without searching too much, a rear variety or microlot, we do treat our coffee as an exquisite honourable guest in our hosting facilities. And that is how we manage to offer you only the best true specialty coffee.

Yet it is not as simple as it sounds.

To classify a coffee as Specialty, the coffee has to comply with specific quality standards and rules. Only 5% of the global production of coffee meets the standards to be classified as specialty. See the journey

And where that 5% goes?

Cream of the crop usually goes to Japan and what’s left over to Australia. The rest is shared between US and Europe. Japan and Australia are the two countries that set the mark on specialty coffee. Both in terms of consumption and quality hence price. Agreements between the larger traders and smaller or bigger producers show where the best coffee will end up regardless the price. Japan is very well known about paying top dollars for anything that can satisfy their senses. Australia follows. And we managed to squeeze in somewhere in there and get our hands in some of the best coffee that goes around and never reaches Europe.

Our specialty coffee comes directly to Coffee Dive from all origins through Australia and Japan.

And it is not us claiming that our coffee is specialty, the Q-Graders do.

The coffee tree is very sensitive and needs taken care of during its lifespan. The more it’s been taken care of, the better the result. The beans that reach us are checked from the tree to cup by certified Q-Graders as they called. They are the knights of the Holy Grail so to speak. Only they have to evaluate (sensory and cupping) and grade the coffee over 80 to be a specialty coffee. We host coffee that scores 83 and above.