Indonesia Sumatra Blue Bianca

Ο καφές “Blue Bianca” Blue Bianca coffee is a local Bourbon varietal called Onan Ganjang grown in the Dolok Sangul region of Sumatra around 1,400m above sea level. Onan Ganjang is a natural cross of the S795 cultivar and the Bourbon varietal. The beans are quite large in size and this varietal is well known […]

Congo Kawa Kanzururu

On the slopes of the Ruwenzori Mountains, bordering the Virunga National Park in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, small family farms grow Arabica coffee of superior quality. Many coffee growers in the region are members of the Kawa Kanzururu cooperative (COOKKANZ). THE VIRUNGA NATIONAL PARK COFFEES The borders of the Virunga National Park, including […]