Why Coffee Dive

Coffee is the most famous beverage in the whole world…

…and it is consumed in many different ways from people of all ages, status and race. You may find coffee in the most remote corner of earth. For most of us, it is that delightful first thing in the morning, or a great excuse to meet up with friends. It is there whether we are at work or out and about. It is there for those that work late, or study or had a late one and need to rejuvenate before they return home.

Do not forget that the best relatonships start with a cup of coffee… 😉❤️

Every coffee is unigue and has its own story…

…however, only 5% of the global productions meets the prerequisites to be classified as “specialty“.  A “specialty coffee”, is the outcome of many different qualitative quantitative criteria such the micro-climate the coffee grew at, the altitude, the varietal, the way it was harvested, the way it was processed and last but not least the cupping profile. And it does not end here. In order to let out the unique cupping profile of a particular coffee and to continue to be “specialty” the coffee needs to be roasted the right way and also be extracted to perfection. Otherwise, NO, it is not specialty anymore.

” At coffee Dive, we have taken up the responsibility to offer to the European people, the best specialty coffee we can lay our hand on that up until today only Australians and Japanese where privileged to devour.  Australia and Japan apart from being the world leaders in coffee, calling the shots, they are also paying top dollars for coffee exclusively for them and as a result never reaches the European market.”

For us at coffee Dive, every cup has a unique fingerprint based on the individual preference of each patron…

… we take the time to understand how far each individual wishes to go based on their ability to smell, taste, and devour a cup of coffee at any given time of the day and of course their particular mood. In conjunction, with the fact that we always carry freshly roasted coffee, grind on the spot for all available coffees, for every single cup we make.

The satisfaction gained from a fresh cup of coffee that has travelled around the world and has been treat it right all along the way to the cup is simply priceless. At coffee Dive you will find coffee that is certified Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, Bird Friendly UTZ and others,from the most remote corner of the planet such as Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and Nepal, prepared with the most peculiar equipment, such as the Royal Belgium Siphon of the 1830’s.

A “perfect” cup of coffee is our commitment to you. It is our culture. With focus on the little things that make the difference. From the coffee cherry, to the bean preparation, the roasting, the brewing, and the cup. We religiously repeat the same ritual again and again, to indulge you with the most seductive and peculiar “Specialty” Single Origin / Estate and microlots of the world!